Smallville: An Awesome Superman Story

I am beyond stoked about news of the bosses behind the CW Network’s Arrowverse revealing yet another surprise for the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s five episode event. As I look up to the sky… It’s bird….it’s a plane…it’s Tom Welling, reprising his iconic role as Clark Kent/Superman from the CW’s Smallville TV series. Tom Welling’s … More Smallville: An Awesome Superman Story

Krypton’s Cancellation and My Love for the Show

After learning that Krypon would be cancelled yesterday on Aug. 17, I feel that an opportunity to tell and complete a great story was lost. What I loved about Krypton was that it was not just an origin story before the origin story of Superman. With it’s characters and writing, Krypton was a story about struggle, … More Krypton’s Cancellation and My Love for the Show

Review: Batman-Last Knight on Earth

  Writer: Scott Snyder Artist: Greg Capullo Inks: Jonathan Glapion Color: FCO Plascencia I have read several Batman stories that have some science fiction element to them. The first series I read was Grant Morrison’s Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne where the world’s greatest detective travels back through several time periods to return the present … More Review: Batman-Last Knight on Earth

Review: The Flash#71-The Flash of Two Timelines

Writer: Joshua Williamson & Howard Porter Artist: Hi-Fi Cover: Hi-Fi and Howard Porter Just imagine ending up in a dystopian future in which your home town is being run by a lunatic naming himself after an animal. Also imagine coming face to face with a more older and grizzled version of yourself. In The Flash #71, the … More Review: The Flash#71-The Flash of Two Timelines