About the Earth-16 Comics Wire

The Earth-16 Comics Wire is a culmination of my passions which include: writing, comics, fandom, and pop culture. Plus, I am a geek and I eat, breathe, sleep and repeat this stuff 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

When I was around five or six, I started to enjoy writing as it was a way I felt I could express myself. That same time, I saw Christopher Reeve graced the living room TV screen as Superman. That was when my love for superheroes, comic books, and pop culture was born.

And it got bigger. It went from Superman to Batman after seeing reruns of the late Adam West Batman series plus the awesome Batman the Animated Series. Then I saw the Power Rangers beat up the villains and put them into place. After seeing the “teenagers with attitude” morph into super powered warriors, I came to a galaxy, far, far, away known as Star Wars. When the farmboy, princess, and smuggler overthrew the Empire, I was brought back down to Earth to see a most electrifying man in sports entertainment smackdown his way to the heavyweight championship in the land of WWE. I was hooked into multiple universes whether on screen or in a book.

As a result of that, I would create screenplays with my siblings involving our favorite characters. In addition, I would exercise my love for writing by creating comics or books or a mock newspaper in my fifth grade elementary. I also collected a few comics an action figures during those days.

However, there was a time that my passion for writing and pop culture was dormant since early high school due to wanting to focus more on science or aspiring to go to medical school. But, my passion was reborn when taking an AP British Literature class and bolstered when I attended university. I also started to collect comics after writing an article on a comic book shop for my college newspaper. 

After several years of wondering what I want to do with my life, the Earth-16 Comics Wire (then the Boy Wonder Press) was born. The whole thing didn’t go full circle until after attending the 2017 Phoenix Fan Fusion (then Phoenix Comicon). After that, I made the decision to start using my talents and my passions by creating this site for all of you to enjoy.

Welcome to the Earth-16 Comics Wire!